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Science and Earth History

The Evolution / Creation Controversy

Arthur N. Strahler

2nd edition, Prometheus, 1999, 528 pp, references, index, ISBN 1-57392-717-1. Counter page views.

A modern masterpiece

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About the Book

In this comprehensive treatment of the ongoing conflict between creationists and evolutionary scientists, well-known geomorphologist Arthur Strahler carefully examines creationists' claims of scientific evidence for the six-day divine creation of the universe, followed by the catastrophic flood of Noah, as claimed in Genesis. The creationists' arguments are examined and evaluated against the findings of mainstream science in the fields of cosmology, astronomy, geophysics, geology, paleontology and evolutionary biology.

Updated with a new preface and responses to recent attacks on evolutionary theory, Science and Earth History remains a popular and scholarly antidote to the fictions of creationism once again finding their way into the classrooms and universities. Strahler illuminates the controversy by reviewing perspectives in the philosophy, methodology and sociology of empirical science, as contrasted with those of the belief fields of religion and pseudoscience. Strahler also includes lucid criteria for distinguishing science from pseudoscience, as well as discussions of the great discoveries and developments in science that point to an evolution of life over the earth's three-billion-year history.

About the Author

Arthur Strahler is professor emeritus of geomorphology in the Department of Geology at Columbia University and author of Understanding Science.


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