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A Skeptic's Guide to the New Age

Separating fact from fiction... an examination of pseudoscience and the paranormal

Harry Edwards

Australian Skeptics, 1996, 429pp, ISBN 0-646-24502-3. Counter page views.

Born in the 20th century, we have witnessed advances in every area of man's endeavour. Yet, despite the dramatic expansion of knowledge and enlightenment, scientific illiteracy and a proclivity to believe in the untenable abounds. The author, an experienced skeptical investigator, seeks to guide the reader through a plethora of New Age beliefs, concepts and superstitions, to separate the facts from the fads, fantasy, fiction and fraud.

About the Author

Harry Edwards was born and educated in London, England, and served as a Communications Officer with the British Secret Intelligence Service during the war, and in Czechoslovakia for two years prior to emigrating to Australia.

Following a successful career as a building contractor, he has spent his retiurement pursuing his main interests - travel, debating and writing. His particular interest is investigating and reporting on paranormal claims and events.

Until 1999 he was the secretary and chief investigator with the Australian Skeptics, Inc.

Author of four books, Magic Minds, Miraculous Moments; Skeptoon; Letters to the Editor and Crew Wanted, Harry was also assistant editor of the Skeptic and a regular contributor to that journal.

He has been frequently interviewed and featured by both the local and international electronic and print media and has gained a reputation for being a tenacious and unrelenting exposer of charlatans, fakes and frauds.


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