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Spaceships of the Pleiades

The Billy Meier Story

Kal K. Korff

Prometheus, 1995, 418 pp, appendix, bibliography, index, ISBN 0-87975-959-3. Counter page views.

Kal Korff must be congratulated for his determination and persistence in seeking the truth. ... His outstanding investigation is an exciting and yet intriguing exposé of what opportunists have called the most important UFO case in history.

Walter H. Andrus, Jr.
International Director, Mutual UFO Network, Inc. (MUFON)

Kal Korff ... with his openmindedness [and] that appropriate level of skepticism, has become one of the leading forces in the investigation of UFOs today.

Thomas M. Gates
Astronomer/NASA Spokesman

This book is the definitive exposé of the most ambitious hoax in UFO history.

Jerome Clark
Vice-President, J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies

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Since January 28, 1975, Eduard "Billy" Meier has been at the center of an intense international controversy both within the UFO community of supporters and between believers and skeptics. Meier conteds that he is in direct personal contact with aliens from the star cluster Pleiades. He even claims to have flown aboard the Pleiadian spacecraft with his alien contact, "Semjase", visiting other worlds. To support these amazing claims, he has produced thousands of pages of "contact notes" along with photographs, film footage and Pleiadian rock and metal samples. The aliens allegedly contact Meier at a commune in Switzerland called the Semjase Silver Star Center, which in many ways resembles a religious cult with Meier as its leader.

To help substantiate Meier's claims., his American supporters have subjected the photographs and samples to laboratory testing, touting the results as positive proof of Meier's honesty

Intrigued by this tantalising story, renowned UFO researcher Kal K. Korff conducted his own in-depth investigation. Karoff traveled to Switzerland, where he went undercover inside the Meier camp. The result is Spacehships of the Pleiades, a fascinating account of the most documented UFO case of all time, a work that includes many perviously unpublished Meier photographs and evidence long suppressed by Meier and his supporters.

Has Billy Meier really been in the presence of aliens? Is his collection of evidence well grounded? Is Billy Meier's the discovery of a lifetime or one of the most elaborate hoaxes of modern history? You be the judge.

About the Author

Kal K. Korff is president and CEO of TotalResearch, a "think tank" dedicated to studying humankind's most enduring mysteries and phenomena. He is also a popular author and lecturer on topics ranging from UFOs and space exploration to political and social issues, and has appeared in the newspapers, on radio and on such popular TV shows as CNN's "Larry King Live!" and the FOX network's "Encounters". Korff is a former computer Senior Systems Analyst at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and is a former member of the Claris Corporation's HyperCard Development Team.


  1. Eduard "Billy" Meier: The Man, the Claims
  2. The Undercover Trip to Switzerland
  3. Genesis III's "Analyses" of Meier's UFO Photographs
  4. Conclusive Analyses of Billy Meier's "UFO" Photographs
  5. Smoking Guns: Analysing Meier's "Time-Travel" Photographs
  6. Analyses of Billy Meier's "Alien" Metal Samples
  7. Other Meier "Evidence"
  8. Assorted Claptrap: Jim Dilettoso on the Meier Case
  9. The CIA and Wendelle Stevens's Prison Sentence
  10. Light Yarns: Gary Kinder's Travesty of Truth
  11. The Meier Case: Setting the Record Straight
  12. The Meier Case: Some Lessons Learned

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