51. Auckland

Sunday, April 2: Variable during the day with some showers in the evening

Walking: 12.4 km


The computer had worked its way through two folders quite successfully and needed to reboot to get into winter time. I was up @ 7:30 after a little bit of a lie in and went down to cook one egg and a trio of sausages for breakfast in a titanium nowo pan that appeared to be invincible. Coffee had half condensed, half fresh milk in it, and with butter used liberally on the toast those two leftovers from the tramping kitchen may well be finished by Wednesday.

I secured the use of a garden hose and the deck with Tracy’s permission to spray my tent down with and it dried for a short while on the deck until the drizzle appeared to want to last longer, then I hung everything up in the garage. Tracy had left after a short time to attend a baby shower and I was left to my own devices, mainly putting together the new panorama (Blumine Island) and chatting with Rayna.

Lunch was two double cheese toasted sandwiches in said super frying pan, and two of the chocolate biscuits Tracy had baked. I decided on a walk to Highbury via the “park” – the deep valleys here are not much use for construction and are left as wildernesses cut off from the streets. Made it along to almost the sugar factory and then made my way along the road to the shops. A couple of barber shops were open, and I was also keeping a look out for a place to eat some Chicken Tikka tonight.

Went through countdown not expecting to buy much but they had dental floss and razor blades on special and with some shaving cream and a bottle of Schweppes sparkling lemon for $1 I thought I had made a good deal until I realised that I had been short changed $10 which I then successfully reclaimed. Picked up one last batch of $300 from a cash machine and went over to Brother Haircut for a 3 mm job, including eyebrows and beard, for $20 (66 Mokoia Rd), after which I returned home via Porritt Avenue which was a bit circuitous. Tracy had been & gone and had baked some muffins in the meantime, and I contemplated how to get the intervalometer to log some data to see what is going wrong with the SX120. Saw that the wiki had plenty of nonsense in it and corrected some of it.

Tracy did offer to take me back to Highbury but I was having a good time walking, even though some rain was predicted to be on its way. After having checked out all of the Indian places I settled on Chutney Mary’s Fusion Indian Restaurant (190 Hinemoa St) for a full Chicken Tikka with Buttered Naan, some rather hot Mixed Pickles and an alcohol reduced Cooper’s for $31.9. That will be as good as the final meal, as who knows what will happen tomorrow or on Tuesday.

There was a bit more rain on the way back but it was not drenching and although the key did seem to get a little stuck I managed to get into the house & let the cat in (and then out again) without too much trouble. Perhaps time to review some photos.